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GreenWave introduces private cloud hosting for NextGen EHR and EPM. Welcome to computing on demand. The perfect way to run your business while you grow your business.


Lower costs              

A fundamental attraction of cloud computing is that it provides an opportunity to significantly reduce the costs associated with buying, installing, and managing hardware and software. Savings come from the use of computing resources based at one or more
low-cost locations, which are managed efficiently through automation. You enjoy all the benefits of the latest technologies with little of the infrastructural and labor costs. The shared infrastructure means you only pay forwhat you need, and can easily scale up or down.           

Elasticity & scalability

The beauty of computing on demand allows you to increase or decrease your computing resources as there are needed for example due spikes in demand for a particular application or service. Much like a commodity, more can be added over time to ensure systems are almost infinitely scalable.  It’s a dynamic solution to ensure your resources will keep pace with your growing needs at an affordable rate.

Pay as you go   

In a private cloud, customers are generally individual departments or business units.   Computing needs often vary. Paying only for the computing resources you use gives you the latitude to improve the bottom line while remaining highly responsive to changes. You are assured of service levels at all times, even when demand spikes unpredictably, without the need to over-purchase capacity upfront.

Easy access

We also integrate your EHR strategy into an intelligent IT infrastructure that incorporates billing, collections, scheduling and other critical data. We’ve worked in every aspect of healthcare, from technology to operations to management, so we know how to create interfaces and workflow systems that dovetail with all your potential partners.  Access is streamlined so the resulting system significantly enhances your efficiency and productivity while reducing operating costs.


NextGen EHR Interfaces & NextGen EHR/EPM Access

NextGen EHR & Interfaces.pdf

NextGen EHR/EPM access.pdf


NextGen EHR. All the gain, none of the pain.

At GreenWave, we offervSphere™ Platform from VMware® to boost the performance of your private cloud and help decrease VM downtime with Fault Tolerance and Hot Swap features. Expect unlimited round-the-clock expert support from our dedicated technical team of certified virtualization specialists.

Private cloud features include:


Basic EHR hosting package: $99/month

Total EHR+EPM hosting package: $185/month

Up to 4 terminal access licenses
Up to 4 SSL-VPN licenses
1 dedicated site-to-site VPN
Configuration and installation of remote scan upload utility on 2 desktops
5GB storage (additional storage at 5GB increments)
Ready-to-use scheduling and charge export interface
Ready-to-use transcription document interface
Ready-to-use outgoing faxing*
100% Network Uptime Guarantee

Optional services/Add-ons:

Setup Service that includes data import of Patient Demographics, Provider, Insurance, Pharmacy, and Lab $999
*1000 fax pages $30/month
1 terminal license $6/month
1 SSL-VPN $7.50/month
1 remote scan upload utility $49
5GB storage $25/month
GreenWave Scheduling Software with PDA access $50/month

Contact us now to see how private cloud hosting can propel your business forward.